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There were many fashion citations that should have been given out for interpretation of the Laws of Punk, which were generally unsuccessful. I await the return of this Gala event to its luxury and artistic roots. Stars Honor Punk Fashion at 2013 Met Gala Fashion 05.09.2013
What an interesting concept, to make a Media Pack a more engaging and visual experience to share with an audience of advertisers what their target is like. "Lifestyle" is the 'new black' in the world of luxury marketing so to show how the audience is experiencing products or services in this category, is helpful for brands. I believe in the power of video as the new platform, so this indeed should be a powerful tool for your publication. Signe Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication based in Dubai had recently produced a video to interpret the mood of their audience, do you think its the future of the media pack to give brands the clear idea about the readership lifestyle? Ask The Lounge 05.03.2013
Krystal, this is one of the many age old questions about romance that a woman has asked herself since time began. It falls into the same category as "why is the sky blue"? Ask for a set of qualities that are different, such as "intelligence" or "leadership" or "integrity" or "kindness to others" and that elusive "chemistry" instead. You'll be surprised how the field will open up, and you'll find more than you had ever hoped in your love life. Good Luck! why does it seem impossible to find a handsome very successful man to fall in love with? Ask The Lounge 05.03.2013
I believe this is a genius idea: the edgy and undefined nature of the character, lends a new sort of brand range to the YSL platform. It will be interesting to see how it all comes out. Marilyn Manson the New Face of Saint Laurent Fashion 04.18.2013
Hayari Couture Gowns placed on the red carpet for Oscar's 2013 by ARTIFICE ATELIER. The Gowns were showcased at LE LOUNGE PRIVEE by BME Entertainment for a Celebrities Showcase. The Perfumes were auctioned for Charity for HALF THE SKY MOVEMENT, 2013. Hayari Paris Celebrity Gowns and Perfumes! Fashion 04.11.2013
I love this idea! Walking, my favorite sport, combined with luxury stops along the way! I can only imagine that the food and wine combined into the side trips, would also be a great addition! Sign me up! A Stress Free Guide to Planning a Luxury Walking Holiday in Europe Travel 03.04.2013
Great summary of the collection. I visited the showroom in Paris where I viewed them up close. Though considered by other couturiers to be ready-to-wear, each season unique colorations, structures and elegance prevail. A perfume that is also very successful, makes this luxury brand one of the few that has remained consistent, and, delivers to the clientele. Sophisticated Elegance for Spring by Elie Saab Womens Style 10.07.2012
This Lounge is by far the best one I have seen, so I can truly see why the marriage of chic fashion design and my favorite car...when brought together make something new and fresh in the "Green Room" Luxe lounge category. Bravo! Exclusive | Sneak Peek at the Emmys Green Room by Derek Lam and Audi Womens Style 09.26.2012
The designers in this show were students, and can be reached through the communications office. In fact, many you will not have heard of but certainly one should be on the look out for them as they emerge into the mainstream fashion community. Student Designers are Lifeblood of Mercedez Benz 2012: Academy of Art University Fashion 09.25.2012
As an update, the website is having a you can purchase these directly from the company in Europe. I will update as to when they will be here in the US! The Ballet Flat: Portable Luxury in a bag Lifestyle 07.23.2012
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