Top 5 Standout Furniture Designs

Photo Courtesy of UNDA
It can be incredibly hard to find the right furnishings for your home, often taking months (or even a year), to find a piece of furniture that not only fits the space, but looks amazing in it. We always try to find the best products and design companies to highlight in our articles and now we've narrowed those down to bring you the best of the best. Hopefully you can find something of interest in this collection and if not, maybe something will spark an idea to help you find that perfect addition to your dwelling.

Lusitano Chiffonier by UNDA

It wasn't very long ago, less than a month actually, that we found out about UNDA's remarkable chiffonier. It demands attention at first glance with its geometric cutout and bold red patterns, costing $60,985. Made from blackwood timbre, the interior of this piece is covered in gold leaf, making it truly glamorous. We're especially attracted to the Indian pattern, which is hand-painted, bringing even more uniqueness to each piece. The gold colored feet definitely complete the package, raising the whole thing up for presentation.
Wadsworth's Camber Sofa

While some of our furniture picks are flashy, we also like the more subdued, clean look. A new addition to JustLuxe, Camber by Wadsworth is definitely an example of fresh modernity, with crisp lines and a smooth finish. The frame is made from birch hardwood and the sofa comes in either Moc Gator or Carbon Fiber upholstery. We especially love how the unique steel "legs" suspend it off the ground at a seemingly off-kilter angle, giving it just enough edge to set it apart from other modern-looking furniture pieces. You can get this sofa for yourself for $2,310.
Jetclass' New York Desk

If there's one thing Jetclass is known for, it's luxury furniture that is designed in such a way that price is never in question. The bold shapes are classic and sophisticated, especially apparent within their New York Collection. We especially love the New York Desk, which is such a unique piece that it's easy to imagine some of the world's most glamorous denizens sitting behind it, especially those in the age of Frank Sinatra. Along with the sophisticated old Hollywood glamour, the desk holds just the right amount of whimsy with its asymmetrical charm. The off-balance look brings a contemporary edge and really showcases the oversized half of it. The drawers sit flush against the surface, the lack of knobs helping in the streamline look to it. Prices aren't listed on their site so if you're interested, we suggest emailing the company at
Maya 2 Seat Sofa by BRABBU

With a catalogue ranging from light fixtures to rugs and furniture, BRABBU definitely has a lot to choose from when decorating your home. Each of their pieces tell a story and we love how much thought is put into them. There were many chairs and sofas that we liked, but the Maya 2 Seat Sofa won us over the most. The velvet design looks perfect for snuggling with someone special, while it's retro legs and fantastic green/lime color immediately sucked us in. According to the company, the sofa was inspired by the Mayan's and their Maize God, representing "the sensual and delicate forms of the feminine being and the strength of a tree of life..." Whether or not the story draws you in, the high back and flared sides certainly will. If interested in the Maya Sofa, email the company at to find out price information.
The Executive by Barrelly Made It

For all the men out there, this one's for you. What's better than a barrel of good wine and a well-crafted lounging chair? A chair made out of that exact aged wine barrel. Barrelly takes it upon themselves to put those old barrels your favorite wines and whiskey's come from to good use by making furniture out of them. With a handful of chairs and stools, the San Diego company has a pretty small offering but what they do have looks amazing. The Executive Chair, $5,180, is certainly the top of the list. Designed and made by hand, the chair is wrapped in hand-tanned and hand-stitched eco-friendly leather that comes from Ecolife and Green Hides. It looks like the perfect chair to relax and enjoy a cocktail in.


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