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Modern Yet Classic: Jumeirah Grand Hotel via Veneto Offers the Best of Old & New Rome

BY : JustLuxe Team | 2015

With its prestigious address on Via Veneto, one of the most expensive and exclusive streets in Rome, Jumeirah Grand Hotel via Veneto attracts elite travelers and celebrities year after year to its chic digs. The accommodations come courtesy of...


Oliver Astrologo's 3-Minute Video Takes Us Through Rome Via a Local's Eyes, & It's Stunning

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2015

Rome is an incredible city. With its layers of fascinating history, stunning architecture and eternal magnetism, it’s easy for the Italian destination to get under your skin as soon as you arrive. It is, however, difficult to really capture a...


We're Swooning Over This Roman Hotel That Once Housed Woody Allen for 3 Months

BY : Elisabeth Rushton | 2015

There’s a plethora of outstanding hotels in Rome, but Parco dei Principi is unquestionably amongst the finest. The exclusive property has played host countless luminaries since it opened in 1964, including The Beatles, the Rolling Stones,...


Rome's Grand Hotel Via Veneto Boasts an Impressive Art Collection in its 19th Century Villas

BY : Eric Rosen | 2014

Rome is one of the world’s great art destinations thanks to unparalleled collections like the Vatican Museums, the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj and the Villa Borghese, not to mention all the ancient sites around the forum. However, one of the...


3 of Italy's Best Hotels for Avoiding the Crowds While Staying Near Top Attractions

BY : Eric Rosen | 2014

Ahhh, Italia! There is a reason Europe’s boot remains one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations; many, many reasons, in fact. From sprawling museums displaying art that spans several millennia to fabulous fashions,...


Villa Spalletti Trivelli: A Discreet Boutique Hotel Away From the Urban Rush of Rome

BY : JustLuxe Team | 2014

Luxury boutique hotels often offer some of the most alluring experiences due to their exceptional charm. The personal attention received from staff, fewer guests around the property and a welcoming atmosphere help make boutique hotels stand out....

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Italy Sells Historic Castles and Villas to Boost Economy

BY : Mila Pantovich | 2013

Italy has been having a bit of a budget problem and in efforts to reestablish the depleted funds, the country is selling off some of their most historic sites to private investors. Over the weekend, RT Network reported that  a Grand...

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Mercedes-Benz Delivers New Popemobile to the Vatican

BY : Noah Joseph | 2013

To over a billion believers around the world, the Pope may be the human representative of heaven on earth, but that doesn't mean His Holiness can fly around on a cloud. No, he needs a car just like the rest of us. And that role usually falls to...

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Palazzo Manfredi is a Historic Gem in the Heart of Rome

BY : Carly Zinderman | 2012

Surrounded by breathtaking views of Rome including the Coliseum, the Imperial Forum and the Domus Aurea, Palazzo Manfredi is a bastion of timeless elegance for visitors to the ancient city. The Hotel Palazzo Manfredi has been transformed from...


A Surprise Vacation to Rome | An American Express Travel NEXTPEDITION

BY : Courtney Driver | 2012

A Surprise Vacation to Rome | An American Express Travel NEXTPEDITION There is absolutely no research, strategizing or stress in planning an American Express Travel NEXTPEDITION. Find your travel sign,...


Experience 'La Dolce Vita' at Italy's Boscolo Palace Roma Hotel

BY : Emma Dance | 2012

There may be no better place to discover the true meaning of 'La Dolce Vita' than in Rome, Italy. And although the city may have changed somewhat since the famous film graced the silver screen, there is no doubt that it is still a city packed with...


Italy Vacations | Living Like A King at Umbria Castle

BY : Eric Meyers | 2011

Every resort offers certain classy amenities, whether it be a restaurant headed up by a TV celebrity chef, or a spa offering the most sumptuous soaks and massages, but for those wishing to avoid the stigma of becoming someone who knows the price of...

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