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Celebrating 15 Years of Luxury Concierge Services

By: Quintessentially Quintessentiallycomments 0 | 2015
Quintessentially Lifestyle offers award winning luxury lifestyle management and concierge services to Members around the world. Quintessentially Lifestyle first began in London in 2000. Since then company has expanded into over 60 cities...

Ritz-Carltons Across the Globe Turned Out the Lights for Earth Hour 2015

By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2015
Last Saturday, Ritz-Carlton properties around the world went dark at 8:30 p.m. in support of Earth Hour, founded by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). Each hotel turned off non-essential lighting during the hour, and participated in...

Mars One May Not Be the First Settlement in Space, Lunar 19 Plans to Break Ground for Colony in the Next Four Years

Moon city
By: Marissa Stempiencomments 0 | 2015
It looks like space is going to be the next billion-dollar venture. The Mars One mission to send humans to settle on the Red Planet has been met with both wonder and skepticism in recent years, but it looks like someone else is trying to make their...

Undercover Operations, Dangerous Extractions & Bittersweet Rescues: What It's Like Saving Abused Animals Around the World

Animal Defenders International, animal rescue
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2015
For most, a circus brings to mind a glitzy ringleader, acrobats, clowns, maybe some sword swallowers, and of course, exotic animals doing amazing tricks. The circus industry puts a lot of effort maintaining the illusion of caring and safety, into...

Baselworld 2015: Smartwatches, the Swiss Franc and China's Declining Economic Growth

By: Marissa Stempiencomments 0 | 2015
Yesterday was the last day of Baselworld and it ended on successful note. Statistics for this year’s event are in, and despite numbers dropping in some areas and spiking in others, it was an exhibition not to be missed. A total of 288 watch...

Lend a Hand Uganda Founder Brings it Home With First Annual Fundraising Gala in NYC

Lend a Hand Uganda USA,betsey johnson
By: Kimberly Fishercomments 0 | 2015
It seems like New York may finally be warming up. With temperatures in the 50s, it feels like spring is just around the corner and March 9 was no different. On top of the city, towering stories above, the Hudson Terrace was filled with the sounds of...

DLG Intelligence Names Top Luxury CEOs Searched for Online in 2014

Top Luxury Leader Infographic
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2015
DLG Intelligence, a dimension of the Digital Luxury Group (DLG) in Geneva, Switzerland, recently completed a year’s data to discover which luxury leaders were most searched online. The study ranks over 500 luxury brands and...

2015 Travel Trends: 5-Star Home Sharing, Millennials Are In Charge & Less Human Interaction

By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2015
It’s hard to remember a time when you couldn’t book, check-in and update your flight info right from the palm of your hand. Before a couple of years ago, no one threw around the word ‘Voluntourism,’ and now, it’s its...

Hyatt Enters the Realm of "Modern Traveler" Lifestyle Hotels With 15 New Properties in 2015

By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2015
This summer, Hyatt Hotels will debut a new brand in 15 locations geared toward the “modern traveler.” Hyatt Centric will be the hotelier’s sixth brand and is set to open in cities such as Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami,...

Help! Mystery Couple is Captured Mid-Proposal Under a Rainbow, Photographer Launches Search to Find Them

By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2015
It’s one of those days that you’ll remember forever, recalling the events leading up to it and which words were said; we’re of course, talking about your engagement day. If you propose in San Diego, you’re more than likely...

The Wealthiest 100 Nightclubs in America Are.....

Hakkasan Group, calvin harris
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2015
Every year Nightclub & Bar Media Group compiles a lofty Top 100 list of America's best nightclub venues, identiyfing the best-of-the-best in terms of revenue. Serving as the ultimate must-visit guide for any partygoer, the 2014...

Behomm is the Premier Members-Only Home-Exchange Community Exclusively for Artists and Creatives

By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2015
With the success of Airbnb and home exchange programs, it was only a short time before companies began to get even more creative with their home-swap communities. Crafted as an exclusive membership for designers and visual artists such as...

Make 2015 the Year You Invest in Wine: Possibly the Best Consumable Luxury Asset

wine, young couple
By: Alexander Westgarthcomments 0 | 2014
It’s elegant, sexy and, best of all, delicious. If those attributes aren’t enough to capture attention, what if “smart investment” is added to the list? In case you haven’t noticed, the world of fine wine is rapidly...

The Season of Giving: Bill & Melinda Gates Discuss Charity Work in TED Talks

bill gates
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2014
Just in case you missed it earlier this year, we felt the season warranted a quick look back at a TED Talk hosted a few months ago featuring two of the world’s biggest philanthropists. Bill and Melinda Gates offered some insight about giving...

How Will Obama's New Cuba Relations Affect US Travelers?

By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2014
This week President Obama announced plans to re-establish diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US after 50 years of the “silent treatment” by re-opening the US embassy in Havana. “We will end an outdated approach that for...

Avenge Futures Trading Software Aims to Disrupt Wall Street & Give Public Access to "Black Box" Methodology

avenge software
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2014
For decades, corporations and ultra high-net worth individuals have held an iron grip on the stock market, a fact that has been echoed over and over again in the media. Secret and confidential algorithms and programs have made those people billions,...

11 Celebrity-Founded Charities & Nonprofits to Discover During This Season of Giving

Not On Our Watch, george clooney
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
There are tons of high-profile celebrities that campaign for and donate to nonprofit charities and organizations, but the number of stars that have created their own is much smaller, and sometimes a lot quieter—did you know Ben Affleck founded...

How Scottish Conservation Group Highland Titles Can Make Anyone A Lord and Lady

Highland Titles
By: Marissa Stempiencomments 0 | 2014
With the holidays right around the corner you’re likely working your way through your Christmas list, checking off cousins, grandparents and maybe a few co-workers as you go, but there’s always someone who you save for last. The one...

Want to Be a Billionaire? Attend One of These 20 Universities

top universities
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
Not all universities are created equal, and that's a truth that goes beyond whether the institution is considered one of the elite top schools. And when it comes to billionaires, sometimes the biggest business figures never even graduated (e.g....

The Emergence Of Gift Cards: Bob Shullman Of Shullman Research Discusses Surprising Findings About Holiday Shopping 2014

christmas spending Even before Labor Day this year, many discount stores were putting out their holiday items: wreaths, lights, toys and candy shared the shelves with bathing suits and suntan lotion. But this time of year, now only weeks before the holiday season...
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2014

Here is How Susan Sarandon & Mythic Bridge are Helping Troubled Kids Through Filmmaking

Mythic Bridge, organization, charity, new york
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
On paper, Mythic Bridge seems like a soft-hearted Hollywood drama, the type that will make you do one of those snorting laugh-cries. Through the use of hands-on, narrative filmmaking education, the organization aims to improve the lives of...

The New York Times International Luxury Conference Brings Together Over 500 Business and Creative Luminaries

Video Courtesy of The New York Times International Luxury Conference
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2014
As technology progresses so do fashion and art, and as the three are no longer independent of each other, improvement in one market will undoubtedly affect the success of the others. To further the discussion, debate and inspirations surrounding...

From Vision To Voice: A Re-Branding Conversation for Samuelsohn With RO New York Founder

Rony Zeidan
By: Susan Kimecomments 0 | 2014
RO NEW YORK’s Creative Director and Founder Rony Zeidan is a luxury industry leader on building intelligent and sometimes disruptive creative campaigns and new brand identities. He founded RO NEW YORK to develop brands, and build concepts that...

Park Your Superyacht in Olbia, Right Next to All the Others

By: Nicolle Monicocomments 0 | 2014
You’ve heard of Olbia, right? If you’re well-traveled or filthy rich, you probably know exactly where it is. You see, according to Private Jet Charter, this little city off the coast of Italy is quickly becoming a favorite travel...

Luxury Frontiers Looks to Partner With Resort Owners on Experiential Travel Model

With more and more discerning travelers look for adventurous and experiential travel, Luxury Frontiers is looking to partner with resort owners interested in capitalizing on this booming trend. Focusing specifically on the brand's...
By: Donald Herrera-Fairbairncomments 0 | 2014
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