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The Porsche 718 Boxster S Strives For Driving Pleasure

BY: | 2016
After releasing the new 718 Boxster S, Porsche sought to answer one question: "What is the best way to measure...

Fairmont The Palm: Dubai's Crown Jewel

BY: Richard Crawford | 2016
Located on the Palm Jumeirah, a collection of islands constructed in the shape of a palm tree and set in the Arabian Gulf...

Opulent Indian Textures Enchant Dubai’s Culinary Palate

A slew of increasingly sophisticated Indian restaurants have conquered the City of Gold’s gastronomic...
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's Oasis Eco Resort: All the Sustainability & No Fun?

BY: Nicolle Monico | 2016
Sure, the new Oasis Eco Resort in Abu Dhabi looks cool, but what the heck are you supposed to do there for fun? The proposed...
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Welcomes Batman & Superman to the UAE in 2018

BY: Nicolle Monico | 2016
Ferrari World, the IMG World Of Adventure, LEGOLAND, an Emirati-themed water park, Yas Waterworld and now a Warner Bros....

The Ruins of Byblos, An Ancient Playground for the Affluent

BY: Nicolle Monico | 2016
In 2010, the New York Times declared that Byblos (aka Jbeil), Lebanon was “witnessing a rebirth of sorts.” The...

Vintage Beauty & a Vibrant New Romance in Dubai's Bastakiya Quarter

The rush of Bur Dubai neighborhood, replete with endless traffic, giddy neon signs, clustered apartment blocks, and heaving...

Jericho: The Ancient City of Biblical Proportions

BY: Nicolle Monico | 2016
As a child, Jericho (to me), was a fantasy land where walls miraculously fell down at the blowing of trumpets and the...

Israel: The Biblical Country is a Place of Diverse Terrain, Deeply Religious Sects & Plenty of Mystery

BY: Cynthia Dial | 2015
Pre-dawn sounds awakened me; first the Muslim call to prayer, then church bells ringing on the hour, followed by a series of...

The Oberoi, Al Zorah Planned for Summer 2016 Opening in the Emirate of Ajman

BY: Nicolle Monico | 2015
This week, Oberoi Hotel Group announced the opening of its new property in Dubai’s Al Zorah, a sustainable development...
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's Shangri-La Hotel is Almost Like Staying In An Actual Sheikh’s Palace

BY: Katherine Bond | 2015
Although often overshadowed by its flashier and cosmopolitan neighbor Dubai, Abu Dhabi is very much an appealing...

Discover Oman's Under-the-Radar Musandam Peninsula at Six Senses Zighy Bay

BY: Eric Rosen | 2015
Although Dubai has become a major international travel hub in recent years—thanks to the exponential expansion of...
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