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February 2009

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One-of-a-Kind Damien Hirst Harley-Davidson to be Auctioned

Feb 25, 2009  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Luxury Motorcycles: On April 23rd, a one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson Cross Bones motorcycle customized by British artist Damien Hirst will be auctioned off for the Project Angel Food charity in California. The motorbike, painted with Hirsts... Read More

Aston Martin DBS Volante Debuts at Geneva Motor Show

Feb 25, 2009  |   Contributor: Nelson Ireson

Few carmakers have the pedigree - the panache - of Aston Martin, and even fewer cars can match the elegant DBS. Now Aston Martin has seen fit to add a drop-top version of the DBS, called the Volante.... Read More

Bentley Continental Supersports

Feb 24, 2009  |   Contributor: Andrew Christian

Luxury Cars: Finally, after few weeks from revealing the first teaser, Bentley unveiled today its brand new Continental Supersports, the first green car in the history of the British manufacturer. As we revealed you few days ago, the new... Read More

Official Details: Rolls-Royce 20

Feb 22, 2009  |   Contributor: Andrew Christian

Luxury Cars: Presently, a brand new model is being developed by Rolls-Royce which it will position just below the Phantom and intends to introduce in 2010. It is foreseen to double the number of units produced by the ultra-luxury car... Read More

HKS Releases Street-Legal GT570 Package for Nissan GT-R

Feb 20, 2009  |   Contributor: Motor Authority

Luxury Cars:HKS was one of the first major tuning houses to work on Nissan's legendary GT-R supercar, developing performance kits and accessories as early as the 1989 R32 model right up to the latest R35 model. While many rival Japanese... Read More

New Barnard Supercar Born in South Africa

Feb 19, 2009  |   Contributor: Motor Authority

Luxury Cars: Right now the finishing touches are being put to South Africa's latest supercar in a secluded factory outside Bloemfontein in the nation's heart. The car is the new Barnard, and while its name may not generate the kind of... Read More

Luxury Supercars Over $200k: 2009 CL 65 AMG

Feb 19, 2009  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Luxury Supercars Over $200k: The 2009 CL 65 AMG is a high-performance coupe with the heart of a Formula One racer with the luxury expected from the Mercedes-Benz brand. However, with the CL 65 AMG being part of the fabled stable of the... Read More

Win 2009 Little Red Corvette

Feb 19, 2009  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Luxury Lifestyle News: If you are feeling lucky, here is a bona fide chance to test that luck and win a 2009 Corvette with an MSRP of more than $50,000. Give a little and you just might score a Vette for 100 bucks. The Rotary Club of... Read More

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Feb 17, 2009  |   Contributor: Andrew Christian

Luxury Cars: The replacement for the CLK to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month is the latest Mercedes-Benz E-class Coupe which will be offered for sale by June 2009. The E-class Coupe's design is a departure from its parent... Read More

Porsche Panamera's Innovative Interior

Feb 16, 2009  |   Contributor: Andrew Christian

Luxury Cars: Some details of the Porsche Panamera had been released last year, but now details of the new sedan's interior have also been made public. By September the sedan will be available for sale in Europe and they will come exclusively... Read More

2010 Lexus RX First Drive

Feb 12, 2009  |   Contributor: Nelson Ireson

Luxury Cars: Launching a new vehicle - especially a luxury vehicle - is a difficult thing to do at any time. Doing it during the worst economic downturn of the past several decades is all the more challenging. And when that ill-timed luxury... Read More

V10-Powered Audi R8 Unconfirmed for U.S.

Feb 12, 2009  |   Contributor: Motor Authority

Luxury Cars: Audi's R8 was an instant success when it broke onto the scene in 2007, and now the Germans are sweetening the deal with a V10 FSI engine, further strengthening the similarity to the Lamborghini Gallardo, with which it also shares... Read More

Maybach Zeppelin Edition

Feb 11, 2009  |   Contributor: Andrew Christian

Luxury Cars: Today, another manufacturer announced a premiere for this year's Geneva Motor Show. Maybach revealed its new Zeppelin Edition which will be built in a limited edition of just 100 units. The new edition will be available for both... Read More

Vintage Racing League: Social Network for Car Lovers

Feb 5, 2009  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Vintage Cars: If you love vintage racecars and vintage racing, then you should definitely check out www.myvrl.com. The Vintage Racing League has built the world's largest Social Network for people that love vintage cars and vintage... Read More

Aston Martin Adds V12 Power to Vantage Coupe

Feb 5, 2009  |   Contributor: Motor Authority

Luxury Cars: Aston Martin will unveil one of the fastest production cars in its 95-year history at next month's Geneva Motor Show in the form of the new V12 Vantage coupe. The latest addition is based on the current V8 model but Aston Martin... Read More

Mission Motors Unveils Electric Motorcycle with 150 Mile Range and 150mph Top Speed

Feb 5, 2009  |   Contributor: Motor Authority

Luxury Sport Bikes: Today's Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference held in Long Beach, California, saw the unveiling of a new all-electric motorcycle that its makers claim is the fastest of its kind in the world. The motorcycle... Read More

Bentley Mum on Debut of FlexFuel Extreme Car

Feb 2, 2009  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Luxury Car News: If you want more information, tune into the International Geneva Motor Show! No doubt that Bentley Motors is deploying the European style of event staging with its extremely hush-hush demeanor regarding the intro... Read More

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