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Best Family Vacation Destinations
Best Family Vacation Destinations

Orlando | Florida

Where else but Orlando can you race your kids from exciting ride to breathtaking show one day, sneak away guilt-free for a round of golf, spa treatment, relaxing dinner or show the next day? In a destination built especially for families, you will find that childhood is a place you can revisit time and again as you reconnect with your own children in this magical place where fantasy and reality meet. Whether traveling with a star-struck toddler who dreams of meeting fairytale princesses, an adventure-seeking pre-teen who wants an amazing animal encounter, or a hard-to-impress teenager who feels the need for speed and high-tech thrills, you will find that Orlando offers unique adventures for kids of all ages. But, don't worry - Orlando's theme parks also offer plenty of fun for grown-ups, too as the fun extends far beyond our theme parks for visitors of all ages.

Best Family Vacation Destinations


The fresh, floral air energizes. The warm, tranquil waters refresh. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. Look around. There's no place on earth like Hawaii. Imagine you and your family viewing one of the most active volcanoes on earth on Hawaii's Big Island; watching humpback whales leap from Maui's warm waters; flying happy dragon kites in the trade winds of Molokai; exploring the tide pools of Hulopoe Bay on Lanai; or exploring the fascinating exhibits at the Bishop Museum on Oahu. You're sure to create lifelong family memories on your vacation to Hawaii. The culture of Hawaii is very family friendly. Or explore Hawaii's many National Parks and Historic Sites and learn about the islands together. Check with your hotel or resort for keiki programs that may include lei making, ukulele playing, and hula lessons.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Nashville | Tennessee

Nashville is not just for cavorting with country singers. A city that will have kids of all ages grinning, explore all the family-oriented fun (and trust us, there's LOTS of it.) Boredom just isn't an option in Tennessee, especially in exciting Nashville. Fondly named the "Music City", Nashville is filled with attractions restaurants, arts and historical sites, water fun, outdoor events, children's theater and, of course, live music! Family vacation packages are conveniently designed for your desired activities or you can create your own adventures as well! Whether you wish to meet zoo critters face-to-face, stand inside a giant guitar, crawl through a beating heart at the Science Museum, and slip, slide and swim at a fantastic water park the Music City offers something for everyone.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Washington D.C

D.C. diversity dazzles as offers much more than just a visit to the White House and traditional monuments. Families find an endless variety of attractions to explore, from the buzz and bustle of shopping in Georgetown to more than a hundred monuments and museums, including the Smithsonian all of which may be explored and enjoyed absolutely free! There's also a vibrant performing arts scene and major league sports excitement, courtesy of the Redskins and the Nationals. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, often a highlight for families is the National Cherry Blossom Festival Family Day, occurring at the end of March, and hotels celebrate by offering discounts galore! Tickets for Washington's biggest annual spectator event go on sale in November so be sure to book a D.C experience in advance!

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Vancouver | BC, Canada

For travelers that wish to take their family to a foreign city where they can experience a different culture with no shortage of things to do without language hassles, difficult travel connections or a catastrophic price tag, Vancouver offers plenty of family-friendly fun. From outdoor activities to indoor attractions geared towards children take advantage of the strong U.S. dollar which buys about 35 to 40 percent more than the Canadian dollar and journey to our northern neighbor, Vancouver--a city with natural beauty, cosmopolitan flavor and diverse experiences.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Tokyo | Japan

For adults, Tokyo is the ultimate urban thrill and so, too, for younger visitors. The energy and frenetic pace and glow may enthuse teenagers, while younger children can still find their own corners to take things a little slower. Getting around on the ultra-efficient transport systems is half the fun for families: you can join the Tokyoites bobbing around on the local ferries, zoom below ground on the metro, or whiz around on the Shinkansen...also known as the Bullet Train, the world's most famous high speed train. Unique attractions of both Western descent, such as Disneyland, and more authentic activities representative of Asian culture are available for enjoyment.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Virginia Beach | Virginia

Home of the world's longest beaches, Virginia Beach features a bountiful list of activities and attractions. Full of classic summer fun and miles of smooth, white sandy beaches, its 2.5-mile-long boardwalk is perfect for inline skating, bike riding, or ambling with a stroller. Free fireworks displays occur nightly throughout the summer along the scenic boardwalk. This three-mile thoroughfare frames the waterside and provides space for bicyclists, in-line skaters, and strollers. Outdoor cafes and ice cream stops make the boardwalk tour a blast for all ages. The beach along the boardwalk is wide, clean and a bored-no-more kind of place. For even more action explore lively open-air concerts that encourage spontaneous dancing for all ages.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

London | United Kingdom

London is one of the most charming and welcoming cities in Europe for American families traveling abroad -- historical, friendly, and decidedly British. Home to a diverse culture that ranges from prestigious art and theater facilities, to high speed boat rides down the Thames, summer festivals, winter carnivals and more, London is completely kid friendly! An intriguing blend of the very old (the Tower of London dates to the 11th century) and the very new (the London Eye, built in 2000 is the city's Millennial marker,)London is always exciting. With a surprising number of free fun options for kids, parents may also find that most attractions are truly for the whole family. Reconnect with your own inner child and get inspired by London's spirit of youth.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Los Angeles | California

Of course L.A will always be infamous for Disneyland, but there's so much more to Los Angeles than speeding through Space Mountain! Much of larger-than-life vibe of L.A. is just as appealing to kids as it is to adults. While it can be over-the-top with action, LA's top attractions and activities are guaranteed family fun, and often are free, too! From world class museums and gardens to activities like Venice Beach's Ocean Front Walk, Hollywood's Farmers Market, The Arts District, or Downtown's Olvera Street, this expansive city has tons of kid-friendly, carnival-like fun for all ages. The novelty of sights such as the Walk of Fame and Grauman's Chinese Theatre may be appealing as well. For older kids in particular, take advantage of studio tours and to TV tapings.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Belize | Central America

Belize, a small country just south of Mexico, may offer a comfortable foray into Central America for either eco-tourism, Mayan ruins, or a Caribbean beach holiday (including great snorkeling or scuba on a barrier reef). In the words of the Lonely Planet guidebook: "English-speaking, Creole-dominated and with a thoroughly coup-free history, most of this tiny country has an atmosphere so laid-back it's almost comatose." Journey through tropical rain forests, explore ancient Maya ruins, sacred caves and underground rivers. With several hundred species of birds offers unlimited opportunities to observe wildlife with lots of fun family adventures awaiting you. And, as Belize is roughly the same size as the state of Massachusetts enjoy less time spent traveling, and more time for your family to explore and enjoy the sights. Activities on our Belize tours range from rigorous to relaxing, and can almost always be adapted to suit your family's preferred pace.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

San Diego | California

San Diego is a destination custom-made for the young, and the young at heart. With year-round nice weather, dozens of public parks, 70 miles of beaches and a myriad of museums and attractions, there are plenty of activities to amuse children of all ages. San Diego is a relaxed, kid-friendly city, with an incredibly mild, sunny climate. In Old Town, soak up Old California, enjoy the world-famous San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park, take your kids out in pedal boats on Mission Bay, ride a water taxi to Coronado, or just watch the boats go by in the harbor. Whatever fits your vacation needs and wishes San Diego offers something for everyone!

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Playa Del Carmen | Mexico

Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Caribbean offers much for all ages as it is home to sandy beaches, Mayan archaeological sites and many quality theme parks as well. Kids and adults may enjoy clambering through Discovery Jungle Park's authentic rope bridges and exploring Xcaret's underground rivers, butterfly pavilion and aquarium. When you vacation with your family Mexico, you can enjoy many benefits as many children are eligible for discounts among the more popular tourist attractions. By choosing many of the offered all-inclusive vacation packages for the whole family everyone can enjoy a variety of activities at a discounted price!