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Best Barbeque Brands
Best Barbeque Brands

Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles Outdoor Kitchen Appliances are developed at their state-of-the-art facilities from start to finish. The company is dedicated to the production of grills that feature creative design, innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and impeccable quality control. Their grilling performance is developed by award-winning Gas Engineer Dante Cantal, and provides higher temperatures while using less gas thanks to the hexagonal grates - which also produce restaurant-style sear marks. High-shine finishes, halogen interior lighting, and LED control knobs complete the luxury finishes on their line of built-in and freestanding grills.

Best Barbeque Brands

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is the leader in hybrid grilling technology. Their product line allows you to cook with any combination of gas, charcoal, or wood with grilling drawers that slide in above the burners. Taking customization a bit further, Kalamazoo also offers personalized grilling surfaces, allowing you to combine patterns for meat, fish, vegetables, hibachi and even add your initials or a short motto to the pattern so everyone knows who is responsible for that burger they're enjoying. You can even add a sleek and modern piece of barbeque artwork to your patio with the contemporary series, or go for the full package and deck your space out with outdoor refrigeration or pizza oven.

Best Barbeque Brands


The days of dad standing by the grill in the corner while everyone waits dutifully are no more. When EVO introduced their circular grill, cooking become not only fun, but entertaining for all. The flat, round surface makes it perfect for food industry professionals or for those looking to entertain at their next backyard barbecue.

Best Barbeque Brands


Luxury comes first with Alfresco. This company was one of the first to brand the idea of the "open air kitchen", particularly when it comes to residential homes. Having designed outdoor kitchens for the likes of Derek Jeter and other celebrities, this is a brand that knows their product and how to hold its weight.

Best Barbeque Brands


DCS recognized awhile ago that the best chefs in the world aren't always found in restaurants, and the most passionate ones are just as likely to be found in a home. For this crowd, Fisher & Paykel appliances created the DCS product line in the late 80s, for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. Their grills are so meticulously crafted, using only the finest methods and materials, that they are backed with a lifetime guarantee. Their Liberty Grills are packed with features like sinks and a griddle, so you can BBQ breakfast just as easily as dinner, while their traditional grills feature luxury kitchen standards like grill lighting, radiant-heat ceramic briquettes, and designer knobs. Most of their grills are available in either a natural gas or propane option.

Best Barbeque Brands


Viking is known for its restaurant-quality stoves inside the home, but its outdoor products also live up to its well-deserved stellar reputation. Viking's commercial-type construction, design and styling appeal to the most discerning of outdoor chefs. Indeed, Viking leads the way with a full range of professional level products with commercial-type construction, design and styling for chefs whether they prefer to grill, smoke, wok, and/or cook on a rotisserie or in an oven. Viking also offers warming drawers to keep food fresh after it comes off the fire, and outdoor hoods to keep the fresh air fresh. The company's full line of outdoor refrigerated storage and dispensers to make sure beverages are kept at the perfect temperature.

Best Barbeque Brands


True to its name, Wolf brand barbecues are fierce looking. With the greatest attention to detail and construction, your grill will provide optimal performance for years of grilling pleasure. Each grill uses both direct and radiant heat to ensure a perfect environment for grilling every time.

Best Barbeque Brands

Wood Stone

In the last 25 years, Wood Stone has revolutionized stone-fired cooking equipment in the food service industry. Specializing in stone hearth ovens, Wood Stone built a reputation for high quality products that could withstand the rigorous demands of the food service industry. Since then, the company has expanded its products into more home-friendly pieces that include rotisseries, charbroilers, and tandoor ovens.

Best Barbeque Brands

Lynx Professional Grills

Lynx Professional Grills is known for its luxury outdoor cooking equipment. Its Professional Grill features a special welding technique, to ensure that the stainless steel grill won't have any gaps, seams or other places where rain, grease and pesky liquids might collect. Lynx claims many innovations including cast brass burners which hold and radiate a high temperature and are less prone to corrosion. Look through the grates of other manufacturer's premium grills and you may see loose briquettes or a corrugated baffle of steel while Lynx grills feature durable ceramic briquettes that are clipped into place. The combination of the cast brass burners and the ceramic briquette array makes for an extremely even cooking temperature.

Best Barbeque Brands

Fire Magic

With a commitment to making the world's finest grilling products, Fire Magic delivers just that. Since 1937, Fire Magic has created grills that suit the needs of even the most demanding customers with products. All grills are manufactured in the US with the highest quality materials by the most skilled craftsmen.