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Best Home Office Accessories
Best Home Office Accessories

Custom Desks | EJ Bespoke Furniture

When you've browsed the web's retailers and searched brick-and-mortar showrooms only to find nothing meeting your expectations, it becomes time to seek out a bespoke creation. Britain's EJ Bespoke Furniture is the epitome of luxury, and is made to the most minute specifications of every client, and the designer will work with you every step of the way, whether it be heeding to your specific wishes or guiding your dream design with his seasoned expertise. Once the finished product reaches your office, you will know it was created with care thanks to the inlaid biometric fingerprint, date and hallmark of Edward Johnson himself.

Best Home Office Accessories

Desk Sets | Asprey

The appointments on top of a desk say as much about a person as the documents in the drawers, and for those blessed with this attention to detail there is Asprey. This London company specializes in "articles of exclusive design and high quality," and the Asprey selection of desk sets is like no other. Letter trays, blotters, and memo pads bleed vintage in purple and black alligator finishes and sterling silver or white gold and pave diamond adornments that let everyone in your office know that no detail evades you.

Best Home Office Accessories

Desks | urbancase

urbancase is a small design firm located in Seattle, WA headed up by some of the most forward-thinking young designers in the game. Their focus on aesthetic design with innovative use of space creates a line of accoutrements that are at the same time modern and timeless. For smaller offices, the ledge desk is an excellent example of how to exude luxury with a sense of minimalism. While reminiscent of the writing desks of years past, it comes with timely touches like a hidden cord management system and pull-out keyboard drawer that paired with a wall-mounted monitor would be clean and contemporary.

Best Home Office Accessories

Briefcases | Louis Vuitton

A briefcase in a professional setting makes an impression just as a heel on the runway does, and for years the most distinguished CEOs and presidents have looked to leather from Louis Vuitton. The famous fashion house needs no introduction, and their assortment of attachés denotes a distinguished taste. The finest leathers in the world are used to create these bags, and their line boasts more than ten briefcases to suit every professional, whether you look to turn heads with their iconic monogrammed pieces or favor more discreet details, Louis Vuitton provides quality products with class.

Best Home Office Accessories

Folios | Smythson

Smythson of Bond Street was founded in 1887, and their flagship store still resides there, just across the street from the original location. Through the years, Smythson has built a reputation upon their quality leather goods, making them an easy choice when selecting a folio. With an extensive line of writing folders and document cases in traditional black and brown leathers, the company allows clients to customize their purchases with silver stamped lettering. Most folders in their collection come stocked with various pocket arrangements full of their quality stationery.

Best Home Office Accessories

Chairs | Herman Miller

In the past, professional success could be measured by the sheer size of the chair underneath the individual. However, with innovative new developments in design technology and a concern for ergonomic quality, these padded behemoths have given way to a new breed of office seating, and Herman Miller has led the way. Since revolutionizing the world of office chairs with the Aeron, they have built upon the concept to produce the Embody chair, which conforms to the sitter's every movement, and promotes blood and oxygen flow to keep your brain sharp throughout the work day.

Best Home Office Accessories

Lighting | House of Troy

Few items, if any, have become more a staple on the desks of successful people over the centuries than the banker's lamp. Today, these timeless pieces are offered by purveyor of fine lighting, the House of Troy. Producing classic fixtures since the 1940s in a small Vermont ski town, the House of Troy has an extensive line of lights well beyond the traditional banker's version, but this benchmark continues to find its way onto desks around the world. The House of Troy crafts these fixtures with either the traditional emerald shade, or with a bronze base and amber shade.

Best Home Office Accessories

Office Suites | Horchow

In 1971 Roger Horchow began selling a curated collection of the world's finest furniture through a mailorder catalog, and today his web site brings the same tried and true collection of office adornments to customers worldwide. Horchow offers desks and chairs separately, but for a complete workspace overhaul they have a varied selection of office suites available. Their suites are for the businessperson who admires timeless elegance through elegant carvings and rich wood tones, for an office setting as distinguished as the person behind the desk.

Best Home Office Accessories

Desks | Executive Desk Company

For those looking for ample workspace and design that can inspire creativity, search no further than the Executive Desk Company. Founded by licensed professionals and mechanical engineers who sought to create a line of workstations both modern and European, their offerings include desks in a variety of configurations that will instantly revitalize any office thanks to their refreshing shapes and finishes. Their catalog has something for every space, whether it be for a financial sector CEO or a Silicon Valley web startup, their selection runs the gamut from fun contemporary designs to traditional displays of power and strength.