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My name is Mariluz Rodriguez, I was born in Puerto Rico, and raise in Milwaukee, WI. I went to Sunn...(expand)
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Coco chanel was a great inspiration about fashion and her brand perfume no. 5 that it became very popular then and now! I very inspire of how she started in fashion and now she being a fashion icon to the new generation of fashion designer. "Inside Chanel" Provides Unique Insight to Label's History Chatter 10.22.2012
I wish I was there to see the concert that was held for the Queen diamond jubilee! I would love to view with my own eyes the london bridge! Official Guide to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Premium City News 06.16.2012
Too bad I couldn't attend this show! I would loved to see the race and the Queen attend the show with her family! For some reason looking back at antique cars make it feel you in a romantic era! I wish it would be possible to back in time just to see all different kind of antique cars, and also view woman dress up with different weird hats. As a fashion designer it is very inspiring to look at how they celebrate classic style! Here Come the Girls - Ladies Day at Royal Ascot Fashion 06.16.2012
It true that the best way to travel around the city is to have a drive take you around the city in a fancy car were you can relax and enjoy the view! I wish I could rent a car or have someone drive me around to view the city. Especially important places as paris and all the city in the world where tourists always love to go. Looking at the antique, it make you feel romantic if you be in the car while a driver is taking you for a drive around the city! 'Antique' Limousine Tour - See Boston in Style Lifestyle 06.16.2012
I love the collect he has for women's, but the price range seems very large for those that are poor to buy them! But only the one that have plenty of money can afford to buy this collect! Ilove the different color of jeans, also that is skinney jean. I always loved to wear skinney jeans, because it flatter nicey to the body figure! Kate Upton For Abbot + Main Fall 2012 Fashion Campaign Womens Style 06.16.2012
Reviewing photo of paris, and what you can do when traveling to paris is good to know. That is my favorite place I would love to go someday in the future! Great tip saying to go underground when want to travel around the city! Where to apply to get American Express travel information? I wish I was there right now touring Paris! Visiting Paris | A Mystery Trip by American Express Travel Premium City News 05.26.2012
It nice to know that they provide chauffeur to drive the car if you don't know how to drive! Is also good to know that you can rent car at the Golden triangle tour to tour around the city. I wish I was their to tour the city! Golden Triangle Tour by Car Travel 05.26.2012
It is interesting to know about the house painting! The way you paint the house, and with couple of furniture will enhance your home, or any area of the house. Also using a mix of painting bring out the style your looking for to make any place stand out! Sometime using paint that is your favorite color with another color bring out your personality style. Want to Make Your Home More Luxurious? Paint It Lifestyle 05.26.2012
love the colors choice that the designer use in the fashion line! The designer show different structure in each design outfit. Fashion Designer Uma Wang Debuts FW 2012 Collection Womens Style 04.26.2012
I review about the color mixing! Last year I studying about how to mix color and it meaning! Reading this help me remember about the color wheel and how to mix color together! Color Mixing 101 Fashion 04.15.2012
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