Art Exhibit Design A-La-Turca Inspired by Turkish Culture

Jun 3, 2011  |   Contributor: Rana Babac

If you are familiar with Turkish culture, you may already know that strong mint liquor is the best friend of Turkish coffee; that it is important to knock on wood three times to avoid trouble if/when you speak of it; and that there was a time when Turkish women were obsessed with showing off their lace-work in order to signal their talent and exquisite taste to their potential suitors.... Read More

Art Market Support: Determining an Artist's Value

Jun 1, 2011  |   Contributor: Howard L. Rehs

Have no fear; I am not going to talk about stocks. What I am referring to is overall market support for specific artists. People often ask us for an opinion on an artist's work and if they are a good investment. The conversation usually turns to the number of works available.... Read More

Los Angeles Artist Jess Sluder Launches Japan Project to Benefit Disaster Relief Efforts

May 10, 2011  |   Contributor: Christina Stewart

Following the aftermath of Japan's devastating Tsunami, luxury brands and fashion insiders were among the first to join the ongoing philanthropic effort.... Read More

Kieron Williamson: 8-Year-Old Artist Is a Global Sensation

Aug 23, 2010  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Arts & Culture: Kieron Williamson is not your typical eight year old. He is Britain's most talked-about young artist. His paintings are selling as fast as the works are released. Dubbed Mini Monet by the British press, the child artist recently sold 33 pieces at an exhibition in 30 minutes for a total of $235,000.... Read More

Contemporary Artist Hunt Slonem on Tour

Mar 31, 2010  |   Contributor: James Rothaar  |  1 Comment

Arts & Culture: The vibrant and colorful artwork of Hunt Slonem has a way of lighting up walls and making people smile in galleries worldwide.... Read More

New York Artist Jonathan Levy’s Work Reflects a Natural Process

Nov 18, 2009  |   Contributor: Ruth Mitchell

Arts & Culture: Jonathan Levy was raised and educated in New York, where he received a degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn.... Read More

Gauguin's Most Intriguing Work

Jun 3, 2009  |   Contributor: Ruth Mitchell

I've always loved the work of Eug?ne Henri Paul Gauguin. As a post-impressionist artist he sought to distinguish his work from the popular art movement of his predecessors, but an examination of his life experiences also reveals much about the direction h... Read More

Cole Sternberg in Los Angeles

May 1, 2009  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Young and on the rise, artist Cole Sternberg is heading to southern California for his next show. And if you know what's good for you, you'll get there if you can.... Read More

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