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On Our Radar | Up-and-Coming Designers From PROJECT Trade Show

Aug 31, 2012  |   Contributor: Jennifer Chan

Curious about what’s coming up in the fashion world? I’ve got the inside scoop on the latest fashion trends after joining thousands of other stylish insiders this past week in Las Vegas to attend PROJECT. As the world’s preeminent contemporary fashion trade event, it boasts the best brands in the business.... Read More

The Best Men's Suits Money Can Buy

Aug 30, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

The feeling that comes with wearing an expensive luxury suit is unparalleled for men. In a time when our country is still recovering from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, luxury designers continue to produce suits that are $2,000, $5,000, and tens of thousands of dollars— one even gives the $1 million price tag of Frosdick's bespoke experience a run for its money— and the market is there. Whether their motive is to look expensive to others or just the inward confirmation that they can afford such a piece of clothing, there’s a confidence that comes on the tags of these suits that men can’t stay away from. They... Read More

Ann Romney vs. Michelle Obama | A Fashionable Race to the White House

Aug 29, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Celebrities and public figures typically make fashion news due to the overall look that is achieved through their choice in clothing, accessories, and hair and makeup styles. While there’s always the anticipated question of “who will wear who?” to a big event, it’s rare to focus on “who’s not wearing who?,” but such is the case for First Lady Michelle Obama and the Republican contender for her title, Ann Romney. While both women are known for their sophisticated fashion sense in the public eye, they’re surprisingly making headlines because of the luxury designer labels that they do— and don’t— wear.... Read More

Lights, Camera, Fashion! Designer Couture Featured in Film

Aug 28, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day by grabbing your favorite beverage, a bag of popcorn, and kicking your feet up in front of a great movie. While some might get invested in a story line or even doze off, we’re enchanted by cinematic details, including the makeup, costumes, and luxury fashion. Some movies even showcase wearable pieces by our favorite top luxury designers. In case you hadn’t noticed them yourself, we rounded up a list of those films for you, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the high-end show.... Read More

Grunge Rock Glamour for Autumn by Rae Francis

Aug 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Channel your inner Kurt Cobain with the new collection of ‘90s grunge rock-inspired fashion by luxury brand Rae Francis. Based in New York, the contemporary women’s wear line focuses mostly on contrasting several different elements to build on its signature look for the girl with a toughened urban edge. The collection, which is sophisticated with a tough edge, is versatile for casual or semi-formal occasions, with pieces that have the ability to be dressed up or down for autumn.... Read More

Dior Homme Goes Military Chic for Fall

Aug 21, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Luxury menswear label Dior Homme has put out soft, refined looks the last several seasons, but its collection for Fall/Winter 2012 is completely the opposite. Called “A Soldier on My Own” by designer Kris Van Assche, the line features 47 new looks that stay within the lines of a largely olive green palette, laying the foundation for a military-esque theme. The recently-released film that was inspired by the line, though, serves as an elegant complement to the season’s uniform-inspired offerings.... Read More

Alice & Olivia Mixes Parisian Chic with Seventies Glam

Aug 20, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Mixing and matching is key to a graceful transition from your summer to fall wardrobes, and luxury designer Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia knows how to do it right. For the brand's Pre-Fall 2012 collection, Bendet provides us with pieces that will help in the progression from the warm to colder months— which nobody said had to be boring. This line, inspired by the Parisian gamine in a Café de Flore, is complete with modern-vintage separates that are playfully bold and will make your wardrobe transformation both fun and stylish.... Read More

Nicholas Kirkwood Collection Shows Natural Talent and Refined Skill

Aug 15, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Maybe you haven’t heard of luxury shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, but you’ve probably seen his work without realizing it. Celebrities like Kirsten Dunst,... Read More

1960s Fashion an Inspiration for Giulietta Pre-Fall Collection

Aug 14, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

With September and New York Fashion Week just around the corner, everyone is wondering which of the world’s luxury designers will make fashion news, but we're also curious to see what the up-and-coming designers have to offer. While we know that it’s unlikely our favorite established couturiers will disappoint, anticipation is growing as we wait to see what the newbies will conjure. One of those fresh faces is Sofia Sizzi, the young designer behind Giulietta.... Read More

NY Fashion Week to Feature New Designer Erin Barr

Aug 13, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Up-and-coming luxury designer Erin Barr may only have debuted her first collection this past spring, but that doesn’t mean she’s lacking in experience. Before getting her start in fashion design, Barr was already a veteran in the industry. Observing masters from behind the scenes certainly helped her learn the ropes before she hit the drawing board herself, and it shows in her latest collection for Fall 2012.... Read More

Peter Som Resort 2013 Collection Achieves Whimsically Preppy Look

Aug 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Luxury designer Peter Som is making fashion news with the recent release of his Resort 2013 collection, which was debuted in the comfort of his own studio in New York. Though designers are forced to show resort collections only 10 weeks after presenting those for fall, Som manages to get the job done tastefully. Not only was he able to pull his newest line off without mimicking typical resort styles, but the San Francisco native was able to do it in a way that showed authenticity, producing fresh pieces that stay true to his classically preppy look and reflect his many achievements in the fashion world.... Read More

Indian Couture Makes a Statement at Lakmé Fashion Week

Aug 9, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

An event that features cultural wear is making fashion news this week, as international dress is a large component of the fashion world. Lakmé Fashion Week is jointly organized by India’s top... Read More

Victoria Beckham Collection to Add Optical Eyewear in 2013

Aug 8, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

It seems like Victoria Beckham just won’t back down from fashion news— not that we want her to. The Spice Girl-turned superstar wife and fashion mogul has recently announced that she’s adding a line of optical eyewear to her repertoire. After starting a collection of sunglasses in 2010, the step towards prescription eyeglasses seems like a natural one, especially considering the posh designer is near-sighted herself.... Read More

Sexy Lingerie by Harlette Draws From Historic Influences

Aug 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

If you’re looking to add a little something to your intimates drawer, why not turn to luxury lingerie connoisseurs Harlette? Experts in the field of unmentionables, the company was founded in London in 2005 and hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down since. Its latest collection was added in January of this year, and the brand made its TV debut when several of its items were chosen to be featured on the hit show “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” in 2011.... Read More

Lacoste L!VE Exudes Youth and Artistic Expression

Aug 6, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

LACOSTE L!VE is the youthful collection from luxury brand LACOSTE that combines original style and street art for the company’s younger audience. Founded in 2011, this fresh sect of LACOSTE describes its look as “old school style hits the streets,” fusing colors and using slimmer and younger fits to make an unconventionally chic style.... Read More

Modern Day Heroes Inspire Phillip Lim Pre-Fall Collection

Aug 3, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

It’s no surprise that the luxury fashion team at Phillip Lim had only 20 days to put the brand’s Pre-Fall 2012 Collection together, seeing as the designer creates four women's and men’s collections each year— quite the ambitious (and exhausting) task. Crunched for time, it only made sense for Lim to reference something familiar in his latest line, so he chose none other than his beloved comic strips that clearly lent quite a bit of inspiration. In his Pre-Fall 2012 collection, we see superhero-esque fashion for the mighty women that make up today’s society.... Read More

Fall Line by Alexander Wang Impresses with Mature Look

Aug 2, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Alexander Wang, the young luxury designer known for his so-called “downtown” looks, is doing his best to break that mold after the announcement of his ambitious plan to open 14 stores in China over the next year. His latest Pre-Fall Collection for 2012 reveals his efforts are well-received, as he impressed audiences with a much more mature look than we’ve seen in his past collections.... Read More

L'Wren Scott Fall Collection Reflects Extensive Expertise

Aug 1, 2012  |   Contributor: Nicolle Keogh

Luxury designer L’Wren Scott got her start in the fashion business at an early age. She left her native Utah at 18 to pursue modeling in Paris, where she had a successful... Read More

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