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Explore the Spanish Countryside by Motorcycle

Luxury Adventure: Experience an exhilarating tour through scenic Spain on the back of a motorcycle. Accelerate your way through the sharp turns of the Spanish hillside, riding through magnificent scenery. Our route takes you through Seville,...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

Italy by Air

Escape to Italy: For anyone who's looking for a bit of refinement in their lives, there is no better place than Siena. With its historic background, imposing statues and famous galleries, Siena is a land rich in art and culture. While you will have...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

Paint the Town Red

Luxury Adventures: Touring Spain has never been so adventurous or fun. Participate in the annual La Tomatina, a food-fight festival held in the quaint town of Bu?ol. Show off your arm as you throw plump tomatoes at tens of thousands of...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

Extraordinary Life Experiences

Adventures: Traveling and experiencing the world is living the luxury lifestyle at its fullest, as every adventure leaves you desiring more and more! Each journey is an opportunity to discover and create your own experience. The Extraordinary Life...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

Angsana Resort & Spa Great Barrier Reef

Luxury Resorts: Angsana Resort & Spa Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, is the ultimate adventure and eco destination. Your gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the oldest rainforest on earth, guests can name their activity of choice:...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

North Island - Seychelles

Luxury Vacations: If you are in pursuit of an ultra pristine destination that has been voted best in the world by Conde Nast Traveller (UK), as one of the 100 Best Places to stay in 2006 by the Robb Report, and as Hideaway of the Year by Hideaways...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

Tahiti: an Island Paradise

Luxury Vacations: Everyone has a different opinion of tattoos. Some think they are cool, others think they are cutting edge, maybe you wouldn't be caught dead with one. Many cultures paint their bodies for different reasons. In Tahiti, a Tahitian...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

Medieval Fortress for the weekend?

Luxury Hotels: The 13th century medieval Castle, Chateau de Bagnols, is sheltered with towers and surrounded by a moat. The only way in is across the drawbridge. This medieval fortress can put you in a time warp and turn your dream as a want-to-be...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

Virgin Galactic: The Ultimate Adventure

Luxury Travel: If you're aching to do something that no one else has done, to experience a stimulating quest into the unknown, or simply want to use your airline miles on something outlandish, than get in line with only 156 people in the entire...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

The Ultimate $80,000 Heli-Ski Pass

Luxury Adventures: The new Platinum Heli-Skiing Season Pass from Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (GCH) in British Columbia offers unlimited vertical access to the world's best powder skiing for a price. At CDN $100,000, or about $80,000 US, this is...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

The rogue and the sophisticate

Luxury Vacations: You've always wanted the best of both worlds-in your case, that means roughing it and indulging in the finer things in life. The thought of whitewater rafting fills your veins with adrenaline, while the prospect of sampling some of...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2008

High Times with Alpine Ascents

Luxury Adventures Alpine Ascents International offers extremely adventurous vacations for those seeking an outing that is a challenging proposition. There is definitely a lot of physical activity included. The company takes folk on mountain climbing...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2007
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