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Original Cadillac Coupe de Ville to be Showcased at Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

Jan 29, 2013  |   Contributor: Annalisa Solari

Is there really a single classic luxury car that is more effortlessly cool than the Cadillac Coupe de Ville? Whether its quality leather interior was used for comfort during a drive-in flick or simply as a way to show off when cruising on Main Street, this piece of machinery was definitely a trendsetter. The original Cadillac to wear the name “Coupe de Ville” will finally make a public appearance for the first time in 64 years.... Read More

Jaguar Dominates the 2013 BusinessCar Awards

Jan 25, 2013  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

The Jaguar XF was named Executive Car of the Year for a second consecutive year, and the Jaguar XJ was named the Luxury Car of the Year for the 2013 BusinessCar Awards. The awards are based on the votes of the publication’s readers, which make these accolades so significant to automobile manufacturers.... Read More

Speed Away in Sporty Luxury with Aston Martin's 2013 Rapide S

Jan 24, 2013  |   Contributor: Tina Stewart

You say hood and I say bonnet — but if we’re talking about Aston Martin’s new Rapide S, let’s just agree for now that it is a superlative luxury sports car. Assertive and sleek with some serious curves, the Rapide S has been updated with a new facelift — including a striking grille — so as to be the “world’s most beautiful four-seat sports car.”... Read More

Jaguar Land Rover Sets New Record | Sales Up 30 Percent in 2012

Jan 23, 2013  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Jaguar Land Rover experienced its best ever global sales in 2012. Strong sales in China, the UK, and the U.S. markets enabled the luxury automaker to realize a year-over-year 30-percent increase in retail sales. The company sold 357,773 vehicles in 2012.... Read More

Bentley Announces 22 Percent Increase in Global Sales in 2012

Jan 22, 2013  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Bentley Motors announced its sale figures in 2012. Apparently, these glowing sales reports for the luxury auto market are ubiquitous, as the British automaker reported a worldwide growth in year-over-year sales of 22 percent.... Read More

Rare Ferrari Sets New World Record at Arizona Auction

Jan 21, 2013  |   Contributor: Jared Paul Stern

In a still uncertain economy rare Ferraris have become the blue-chip investment of choice judging by record-breaking auction results over the weekend. RM Auctions, the world’s largest auction house for investment-quality luxury automobiles, brought in $36.4 million in sales at its epic event held at the luxurious Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. The sale represents a massive 42 percent increase over last year’s sale even though there were fewer vehicles featured this time.... Read More

Rolls-Royce Gilds and Illuminates the Spirit of Ecstasy

Jan 18, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

The Spirit of Ecstasy has capped the grilles of Rolls-Royce motor cars for over a century now, making it the most enduring of luxury automotive mascots in the business. But while the majority of these prestigious Flying Ladies have been rendered in stainless steel, Rolls-Royce is now offering its iconic ornament in a variety of materials and finishes.... Read More

Audi's RS6 Avant Isn't Your Average Station Wagon

Jan 17, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

Germany's automakers offer some of the finest high-performance luxury sedans on the market. Models like the BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and Porsche Panamera come to mind. But Audi has been known to follow the beat of a different drummer.... Read More

Mercedes-Benz Launches New E-Class Coupe and Convertible

Jan 16, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

Just a few weeks ago Mercedes-Benz released its latest E-Class sedan and wagon. Long considered the benchmark in its class, the new E-Class represents a significant new debut for the German automaker, one that will account for a large share of the prestige carmaker's sales. That in and of itself would be enough to keep most companies busy for a while, but Mercedes-Benz is not most companies. So following the debut of that new family-size luxury automobile, Mercedes has followed up with new versions of its svelte E-Class coupe and convertible.... Read More

Corvette Unveils First New Stingray Since 2005

Jan 15, 2013  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

According to Pursuitist, the 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray was recently unveiled at a ceremony in Detroit. With GM Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter and design director Tom Peters on hand to do the honors, the luxury car stood proud as the first brand new version since 2005. With 450 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, it's no surprise that this racing beauty - the seventh generation of the iconic Corvette - is making history.... Read More

End of the Road for the Lexus LFA

Jan 14, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

Seeing most any luxury car sail off into the sunset can be a sad affair for enthusiasts, especially when that car is as eminently desirable as the Lexus LFA.... Read More

Audi Reveals New SQ5 TSI Performance Crossover

Jan 10, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

There are some rather high-performance, luxury car crossovers on the market these days, and most of them come from Germany, but most of them are pretty big. We’re talking about the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, the BMW X5 M and the Porsche Cayenne. But Audi has gone a decidedly different route with its new SQ5.... Read More

Infiniti's Great Year | Reports 22 Percent Sales Increase in 2012

Jan 9, 2013  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Learning of a luxury auto brand's new sales records is almost getting boring, as 2012 has been a year like no other for the luxury car market in the USA. Joining other companies, Infiniti announced official sales figures on its stupendous 2012 with several models showing substantial increases in both month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons. The company sold 119,877 luxury cars in 2012.... Read More

Porsche Sees Best-Ever U.S. Sales in 2012

Jan 8, 2013  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

As luxury auto brands are coming forth to report year-end car sales for 2012, record-breaking sales is an across-the-board commonality. Porsche Car North America (PCNA) announced that its sales in the U.S. market are 21 percent higher than its 2011 sales figures.... Read More

Bentley Introduces the World's Fastest Four-Seat Convertible

Jan 8, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

If you're in the market for a luxurious cabriolet and cost is no object, England's automakers have got you covered. Do your tastes veer towards the stately? We might suggest the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Something more dynamic? Try the Aston Martin DB9 Volante. Something more compact? Jaguar can help you with the XK convertible. But if you're looking for the fastest four-seat cabrio on the market, look no further than the new Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible.... Read More

Eric Clapton's One-of-a-Kind Ferrari SP12 EC

Jan 7, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

If you're fortunate enough to have the means, there are some seriously enticing supercars on the market. We mean the kind of luxury automobile that will make you feel like the million bucks it can sometimes take to buy one. But if you've got rock-star cash, the kind of money that would humble the GDPs of some small countries, you can get the company that produces these exotic machines to make you one entirely to your own specifications.... Read More

Bugatti Collaborates with Bernar Venet to Create the World's Fastest Artwork

Jan 4, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

Bugatti prides itself in offering a virtually endless array of color combinations for its exclusive Veyron supercar, but this particular example goes even beyond the Alsatian marque's considerable palette. Touted as the fastest piece of artwork ever created, this unique Veyron Grand Sport has been specially painted by New York-based French artist Bernar Venet, putting it into that rarefied breed of Art Cars.... Read More

The Best Car Videos of 2012

Jan 4, 2013  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

It can be pretty tough for a luxury auto brand to create a video that advertises their new model while setting themselves apart from all the other companies that are trying to do the same thing. The key is to create something that is just unique enough that it stands out, while still accomplishing the goal of selling the car. 2012 was met with a lot of fantastic auto reveals and plenty of car videos, but these few were by far my favorites.... Read More

Acura Launches New Technology-Packed RLX Sedan

Jan 2, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

Buyers in the market for a mid-sized luxury sedan are lucky these days, because there is no lack of options, and they're all excellent. Germany can offer the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series, England counters with the Jaguar XF... Read More

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