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Newest Luxury Cruise Ships of 2012

BY : Tina Stewart | 2013

2012 was an exciting year for the cruise industry as several new luxury cruise ships were launched to wow passengers during their extravagant vacations at sea. Some companies added to small fleets while others were outdoing, or revamping, previous...


Innovative New Culinary Program to Join Silversea Cruises

It is easy to see why Forbes named Silversea one of the most luxurious cruises last year. Constantly looking to surprise and spoil guests, the cruise line has recently partnered with luxury hotel brand, Relais & Chateaux and a former Le Cordon Bleu...
BY: Sally Farris | 2013

Discover First-Hand What Makes Bordeaux Wines World Famous With Viking River Cruises

To be intrigued by this new luxury cruise itinerary from Viking River Cruises, all you have to do is one thing: enjoy drinking wine. Well, you also have to like traveling to Europe, touring beautiful French wine regions and learning how that little...
BY: Tara Imperatore | 2012

Luxury Cruise Ship Silver Cloud Shows Off New Look

To maintain their status as an innovator in the luxury cruise industry, Silversea is constantly coming up with ways to keep their liners fresh and exciting for their discerning guests. And in case you thought their ships couldn’t get any more...
BY: Tara Imperatore | 2012

How to Tip on a Cruise

Most luxury cruises either automatically include gratuity on a passenger’s tab, or provide a suggested tip amount for each staff member. Prepaid tipping is also increasingly common on cruise ships, though passengers are usually allowed the option...
BY: Sally Farris | 2012

HNA Tourism Publicizes First and Largest Luxury Cruise Ship out of Mainland China

As if China hasn’t been producing enough goods lately, the financially booming country is now making their mark on the Asian cruise line industry. HNA Tourism recently founded the first Chinese cruise company to own their own vessel. The ship “Henna,” the mainland’s largest cruise ship ever, is set to make its appearance onto the Pacific January 26, 2013. The ship contains 739 rooms and can hold up to 1,965 passengers. As interest in Asia increases among the world’s traveling elite, HNA Tourism Cruise and Yacht Management President Zhang Hao anticipates that the cruise industry in China will grow rapidly, and he hopes that his company will remain a leader in the industry. Other foreign cruise companies have offered tours through the mainland for quite some time, but HNA is the first locally owned and operated line. And what better way to tour a region, than guided by a natively owned company? HNA’s cruise line is also expected to stimulate a surge in domestic competition in the cruise industry, allowing China to compete with corporate cruises that are based overseas.
BY: Sally Farris | 2012

Travel Back in Time With American Cruise Lines' Historic New Addition

Planning a luxury cruise vacation can be difficult; after all, there are so many choices. Well, American Cruise Lines wants history buffs to choose them, and to entice such a demographic, they recently obtained an antique calliope for their newest...
BY: Sally Farris | 2012

Three New Mediterranean Ports a First for Crystal Cruises in 2013

BY : Sally Farris | 2012

Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises has announced their intent to take their passengers off-the-beaten-path during their Mediterranean Cruise season. Aside from the usual destinations, Crystal ships will, for the first time, be making stops in...


Exciting New Shore Excursions on Paul Gauguin Cruises' Caribbean & Panama Canal Voyages

As the longest continually sailing luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific, Paul Gauguin Cruises' flagship m/s Paul Gauguin has won a number of awards, including Porthole’s 2012 “Best South Pacific Itinerary.” Instead of making them cocky, as it had...
BY: Sally Farris | 2012

A-ROSA River Excursions Showcase The Best of European Living

Planning a European vacation can be highly stressful and time-consuming with so many cities and historical places on the map. After all, it is one of the world’s most culturally rich continents. Isn't it standard to pack too many destinations into...
BY: Tina Stewart | 2012

Windstar Cruises | 60% Increase in Bookings for 2013

Windstar Cruises’ advanced bookings for 2013 sailings are up 60 percent compared to the same time last year. The company announced that it is on course for a fourth consecutive year of increased revenue. “We have an outstanding product today. We...
BY: James Rothaar | 2012

Be an Arctic Explorer on Kensington Tours' North Pole Expedition Cruise

BY : Sally Farris | 2012

Are you considering going on a luxury cruise, but are tired of the same old itineraries? Well, you're in luck, because Kensington Tours wants to ship you off to the North Pole. Sound a little extreme and scary? Don't worry, they won’t be sending you...

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